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Interest in Teal'c ficathon for 2009? 
4th-Jan-2009 02:45 pm
geek love
moonshayde has kindly given me permission to see if anyone is interested in a re-run of the tealc_ficathon, which last took place in 2006, so hopefully she won't mind me also posting over here...

The rules would be the same as last time around - with gen, het and slash all equally welcome. The stories can be set in any season, or in the period of the movies, or be future fic, the choice is yours.

I'm also looking at using the same timeline, with sign-ups open for the first two weeks of March and stories due from May 1st 2009.

At this point I'm looking for expressions of interest, to see if the Teal'c love is still out there. Please leave a comment over there if you'd be interested in participating, by Sunday January 18th - all comments will be screened, so please let me know if you'd want to sign-up, while potential pinch-hitters are also welcome.

Thanks and bring on the Teal'c fic! :)
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