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17th-Sep-2008 11:13 am - Fic: Statements Unspoken (G)
SG-1 Teamy Goodness
Title: Statements Unspoken
Author: aurora_novarum
Category: Gen; Teal'c and Daniel friendship (references Daniel/Sha're)
Genre: Missing Scene; Angst; Drama
Warnings/Spoilers: Secrets and previous eps; no warnings.
Word Count: ~1500

Summary: Daniel confronts Teal'c on leaving Amaunet in the cave.

Fake cut to story
5th-Sep-2008 11:13 am - Fic

Long time reader!  First time I've had fic to post though.  I offer "Shol'va"

28th-Jul-2008 07:46 pm - CJ Community
HP McGonagall
Erm, another post...

I started a new community for Unofficially and Unequivocally Christopher Judge, called cjudge_online.

It will mainly be a place where I'll post a recap of the UoUCJ updates, and a place for those who find out anything about CJ to post it, and for us to talk about his projects in general.

Come, join, post! :)

I've also revamped the UoUCJ site and given it new urls, christopherjudgeonline.com and christopherjudgeonline.net.

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27th-Jul-2008 11:50 pm - Wheee!
SG Jaffa Jedi
It's done! All coded and a shiny new address! TWO shiny new addresses, actually!

ChristopherJudgeOnline.net and ChristopherJudgeOnline.com

The old address is still valid for awhile, and has the new coding, but in about a week I'll start changing it over completely. So if you have the site book marked [you do, don't you? ;)], please change it so I don't lose you in the big migration. :D

Thanks to everyone who helped me out with the poll.

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26th-Jul-2008 07:43 pm - Straight on 'til Morning

Straight on 'til Morning

By: siggy </a></font></b></a>siggy63
Rating: NC17 for salty language, blood, and a smidge of Jolly Rogering
Category: Angst, insanity, death and questionable beverages on the starboard bow.
Shipmates: Sam/Teal’c. Janet/Daniel.
Warning: Some well loved crew are already in Davy Jones’ locker as this story starts; more will follow. Abandon ship if that’s not your 
Note: In this story, none of the events after ‘Grace’ happened. No Pete; no Lost City; nothing. We’ve ditched the compass in the briny and we’re sailing blind.

23rd-Jul-2008 10:08 am - CJ Site
HP McGonagall
The two year anniversary of my CJ site is next month, and I've decided to get a specific domain name for it instead of it tacked on to my own web site. I should have done it two years ago, but for a few silly, dumb reasons I didn't. ChristopherJudge.com is taken, and also ChrisJudge.net as there are other guys out there called Chris Judge. :) So I'm polling you, dear Stargate friends, to see what your opinion is on the domain name. The Husband said I shouldn't go searching online to see if they are taken because there are bots that notice things like that and will put a "hold" on the name. O.o

I want something that isn't too cutesy, or goofy; it isn't an official site (that would be neat though, at least then we'd get updates on what the heck CJ is doing!) but I would like it to sound and look professional at least. One reason I'm trying to learn CSS.

What name would come to mind when thinking of a CJ site?

Something else I'll tell you about in the comments

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With modly permission to post...

We're celebrating Daniel Jackson's birthday on July 8th with SG-1 Gen Fic Day, including a challenge to write Teal'c fic! Specifically, Teal'c Alphabet Soup. Authors claim a letter and write at least 100 words that define Teal'c.

If you want to get a better idea of how it works, you can check out the previous anthologies: Sam and Daniel.

We've still got seven letters left for Teal'c, so if you're interested, go to the claims post and sign up!
11th-Jun-2008 11:00 pm - Fic-Finding Hope
 Title: Finding Hope
Author: Conn8d
Rating: PG
Fandom: Stargate Sg-1
Pairings: Teal'c/Drey'auc
Spoilers: Nothing really specific, Pre-series
Summary: Teal'c's thoughts on his way to meet his son. (A sort of Father's Day ficlet)

Here at my journal: 

11th-Jun-2008 11:03 pm - Fic: Target Practice
Teal&#39;c PI by nomad
Title: Target Practice
Author: aurora_novarum
Word count: ~6700
Rating/Warning: All ages
Spoilers: set early/mid Season One

Summary: Written for the sg1friendathon. Teal'c and Sam meet up unexpectedly, and Sam decides to introduce Teal'c to a bit of off-base Tau'ri culture.

Fake cut to story
5th-Jun-2008 09:16 pm - Gen Fic: 'Tween Weft and Warp
teal&#39;c daniel bane, Teal&#39;c and Daniel
Title: 'Tween Weft and Warp
Author: Fig Newton (sg_fignewton)
Rating: PG
Pairing: none
Word Count: ~6,650
Summary: Difficult choices can lead to painful results. Would different pasts offer a better future? In the wake of FIAD, angst and AUs abound as Daniel and Teal'c struggle to find out.
Warnings: none
Spoilers: References to events in COTG, Thor's Hammer, Cor-Ai, Secrets, and Forever in a Day.
Disclaimer: None of them are mine. They all belong to their respective copyright holders.

Author's Note: Written for the sg1friendathon, for the prompt: Daniel and Teal'c. Forgiveness that can never be accepted.

As always, my thanks to that queen of betas, randomfreshink.

'Tween Weft and Warp
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