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Teal'c Fanfiction

Where the Jaffa are Free

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The place to find and post Teal'c Fanfic
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Welcome to Teal'c Fic, the LJ comm designed with Jaffa in mind.

This community is open to all forms of Stargate SG-1 fic where Teal'c is a prominent figure, preferably the central role and for meta, discussion, art and questions to promote Teal'c and Teal'c centered fanfiction.

Right now, I'm looking for mainly gen stories, since there are many ship and slash stories out there. But, this comm is open to everyone, so if you have a ship or slash story you would like to post, please do. My end goal is for this to be a fair place that offers all kinds of fic for people who are looking for Teal'c stories, whether that be gen, ship, or slash. I want a nice central place where people feel comfortable. Let's try hard to make this a place where people of all persuasions can find some fic.

Also, if you feel that your fic isn't Teal'c-centric, but worthy of Teal'c recognition, please feel free to post. Many stories out there are not labeled Teal'c-centric, but actually have him in an important role. I'd like to include those here as well.

Any questions to help post/write are welcome here as well.


1) This is an open community. Please watch your language.
2) No flaming. People are going to have different opinions.
3) Label ship, slash and gen appropriately.
4) Label ratings and spoilers appropriately.
5) Label warnings appropriately. Please place stories under a cut if you aren't linking.
6) Drabbles, short stories, missing scenes, novels...post away.
7) No character bashing.
8) Season 6 and Season 9 fic are welcome.
9) Future fic, AU, and pre-Stargate fic also welcome.
10) Have fun!

Also be sure to check out tealc_drabbles for more Teal'c fic!






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